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An authentic performance of the most beautiful songs of Aretha Franklin by 11 passionate and talented musicians:


 KRISTEL ADAMS : Lead Singer
A pure multi-faceted diamond of Vietnamese and West Indies blood. The gods gifted her  with a warm, imperious, tearful and comforting voice. Kristel rhymes with plural and multicultural.

Her ease allows for a rare potential giving her a varied expression alongside George Benson for the tribute to Nat King Cole or alongside Manu Di Bango.

Naturally, her talents sway towards rythm'n blues, gospel, African and oriental music, and of course all the styles that the spirituals have engendered: jazz, soul, fusion and the greatest masterpieces of musicals.

She has recorded and participated in the production of many albums such as Florent Pagny, Hélène Ségara, Robbie Williams ...

Kristel brings together "The Authentics" composed of eleven musicians and choristes, worthy heirs of the sixties. They are as talented as well as passionate.
Their goal is to take us into the soul universe of the great Aretha Franklin.

Jean-Luc Cervoni : Electric Bass & artistic director

Fabien Squillante : Musical director

Arnault Frachet : Piano,add keyboard

Didier Mouret : organ

Brice Lebert : Piano, add keyboard

​Sebastien Gomez : Guitar

Mike Rajamahendra : Drum

Laurent Kremer : Tenor sax

Franck Guicherd : Trumpet

Eva Suissa : Back vocals & back vocals director

Zalyka : Back vocals

Faby Médina : Back vocals



They played with us in this band:

Marielle Hervé : Back vocals & back vocals director

Eric Lafont : Drum

Ruben Paz: Alto sax

Arnaud Farcy : Tenor sax

Richard Blanchet : Trumpet

Rodolphe Millet : Trumpet

Olivier Laudrain : Tenor sax

Célia Mascarell : Back vocals

Sandrine Burgoni : Back vocals

Charlène Fernandez : Back vocals

Morganne Solignac : Back vocals

Alain Antonelli : Piano, add keyboard

Jérômes Buigues : Guitar

Laurent Garcin : Guitar

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